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 Did you know, that this year alone.. 68,000 claims have been laid to ACC for gym injuries alone, there is a surge of sport injuries, especially in young adults,

and that shoulder pain and back pain (coming from seemingly no where) that keeps coming back costs the health care system millions..

It's not just that, It costs YOU time.. fitness and well and pain.

Our coach  was there once..until she found that certain techniques, proper programming and building good habits turned us in to confident and fitter people, capable of living  an overall better life. 

- Build better habits

- Increase your performance in life or sport, or both!

- Move better, so you can continue to do the things you love

- Reduce injury!

-Build your confidence again!

- All on your own time!

We like to keep things personal, so we offer you a 4 week customised home or gym coaching package ( recurring available) that comes with:

- A personal assessment to understand your needs!

- A fitness assessment to help assess your movement, and limitations  so we can improve your performance and fitness.

- A program optimized for your performance.

- Either video coaching and/or email and messaging support for: accountability, questions, support , feedback and motivation, a training session can't give you. 

 Habitual and Recovery coaching to provide boosted energy levels, combat stress and improving performance.

- Assurance that this coaching program increases strength in your body, moves your body efficiently, increases performance at work and/or in sport.

 100% refund Guaranteed after 30 days if not satisfied!

Cheaper than that of a gym!

*It is recommended that 8 weeks is a minimum of the program to assure better results.

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Functional Coaching

$125NZD/Month- weekly payment available
- Personal Assessment 

- 1 hours of  Personalised Video Coaching
- PT Distinction APP messaging 4x support weekly ( please allow 24 hr response time) 

-Habitual coaching
- Customized  program

 -  Fitness Assessment

*Video Coaching hours must be used by the end of the program-allow 24 hours minimum for program




Functional Coaching

$200NZD/Month- weekly payment available
- Personal Assessment 
- PT Distinction APP 6x support weekly ( please allow 24 hr response time) 

- 3 hours of Personalised Video  Coaching support  

- Habitual coaching

- Customized program

  - Fitness Assessment

*Video Coaching hours must be used by the end of the programn-allow 24 hours minimum for program




Functional Coaching

$400 NZD/Month-weekly payment available

Need Extra Help!

- Personal Assessment
- PT Distinction APP 2x support weekly ( please allow 24 hr response time)

-3 hours of Personalised Video  Coaching 

- 1 x 15 minute Live Video Zoom/Skype meeting/ month
- Habitual coaching

- Customized programming

- Fitness Assessment


*Video Coaching hours must be used by the end of the program.- Allow 34 hours minimum for program